Sunday, May 23, 2010

in love with monica canilao

'we are dust' is ca artist monica canilao's first new york solo exhibition featuring found antique portraits, enshrined in the collections she has amassed through time.

"every place she goes she is picking up the abandoned remnants of other people's lives...everything is built is made up of things abandoned, in a phase of decay. in the manipulation of these orphaned portraits, gender and identity is blurred, refined and made fluid. monica's compositions seamlessly meld the old and new: stained paper, withered fabric, and bones combine with her hands to take part in breathing new life."
fecal face has many more photos posted along with an interview with monica.
what i would give to see this installation or...ohhhh to spend an hour with monica in her apartment pawing through her layers of objects of desire! what an inspiration she is...
also, please do yourself a favor and view her website....she is DIVINE.

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  1. LOVE THIS! Oh, come to Philly pleeeeeeeze!